Who is "Inside the Setlist?"

Who is "Inside the Setlist?"

Who is Inside the Setlist? 

In 2003, Inside the Setlist's Owner, Scott Langevin was in High School studying Photography. Since then, has yet to put down the camera. Learning what it takes to become a talented Photographer does not happen overnight. It takes years of trial and errors. Studying new techniques as well as tried and true foundations, he finally found his calling in music. He realized that this style of photography was what he was best at, as well as what drove him to be better every day. 

Quickly turning heads and making strides in the music industry, as well as freelancing for many publications, Scott wishes to bring you nothing but the best coverage and news one can provide. Working for the legendary Shockwave Magazine since 2016, he rapidly worked his way up the ranks at and became Managing Editor, where he then decided to branch off on his own after finding what he truly wanted to do. 

In 2018, Inside the Setlist came into fruition. Starting with a small dedicated team, the Connecticut Rock and Metal scene started to build. His vision with Inside the Setlist is not just another run of the mill publication, but a passion that this team of veterans all feel. Inside the Setlist wants to bring you deeper into the meaning of how musicians build their shows from the ground up, write their albums, logistics of touring, reaching into the evolution of music and the inner workings. Inside the Setlist hopes to provide nothing but the best in Music Media and to bring its fans to a whole new level of interaction with their favorite artists and how they experience the music that they love so much. We hope to see you in the pit! 


Meet our Team! 

Scott Langevin - Owner & Publisher 

Haylee Roebuck - Managing Editor & Journalist (Spain)

Jessica Langevin - Operations Manager

Christopher Heigel - Social Media & Marketing Manager

Derek Koepke - Photographer 

Gary Miller - Photographer

Nicholas Smarra - Photographer

Brian Gallo - Photographer

Tim Schmidt - Photographer 

Erin "Hazzard" Cragg - Photographer (Canada)

Adam Westenberger - Journalist

Jack Merry - Columnist (United Kingdom)

Shaun Reinert - Columnist

Brent Look - Columnist

JJ King - Columnist / Spotify Playlist Curator

Jacqueline Marie Benson - Journalist / Spotify Playlist Curator

Michael McGovern - IT & Drupal Expert