Shinedown, Badflower, Dinosaur Pile-Up & Broken Hands-PNC Arts Center, Holmdel NJ (6/28/2019)

Shinedown, Badflower, Dinosaur Pile-Up & Broken Hands-PNC Arts Center, Holmdel NJ (6/28/2019)

The shows about to start!

Inside the setlist had the opportunity to check out a recent concert with none other than Shinedown, who were joined by special guests Badflower, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Broken Hands at one of the best outdoor concert venues on the east coast....PNC Arts Center.  

The night started with a five member band from Canterbury, UK-Broken Hands.  The opening act rarely performs to a full house but that didn't slow these guys down.  They seemed relaxed and engaged with the crowd.  People were starting to slowly trickle in once they heard the chords and heavy hitting and the audience, from my observation, started to really open up and enjoy their music.  They played songs off their new album Split in Two which is out on August 9.  My advice, preorder the album and check these guys out.  Pretty good band!!


Next up was the three member band from Leeds, West Yorkshire-Dinosaur Pile-Up.  These guys were fun to watch as you can see they really enjoyed playing.  They started off the setlist with the self titled track off their recently released album, Celebrity Mansions.  They continued forging ahead playing some really good tracks off the eight song setlist, five of which were off this new album.  I try to keep an open mind when photographing different venues and bands because frankly, they're not all my genre of music, but thats music isn't it?  Differences that open your mind up to something new and in this case, it was these guys!  Pick up the new album and check 'em out!!  


1.  Celebrity Mansions

2.  11.11

3.  Pouring Gasoline

4.  Traynor

5.  Arizona Waiting

6.  Round the Bend

7.  Thrash Metal Cassette

8.  Blackfoot


I was told about this next band from a few different people.  Very energetic, jumping around and maybe even a few tricks, so I was looking forward to the adventure and ride with this next band-Badflower.  I liked these guys from the start.  They seemed to exude a sense of, "dammit, we're here to have a good time and you better be as well" kind of vibe.  In fact, Josh interacted with the crowd a few songs into their set telling them in short, "to leave that republican democrat crap home and lets rock and have a good time".  Well something along those lines.  It was pretty cool.  They were everything I thought they'd be and the music was great.  They played a nine song setlist with six being off their newly released album Ok, I'm sick.  I'm listening to it as I type this and they're all killer.  Okay, I'll admit I'm a bit partial to the track "Ghost", but trust me,  cool band, cool vibe and cool songs!!


1.  x ANA x

2.  Drop Dead

3.  White Noise

4.  Die

5.  Promise Me

6.  The Jester

7.  Heroin

8.  Animal

9.  Ghost


Drum roll please, and Boom!  Literally boom!!  As soon as Shinedown took he stage, in what appeared to be tuxedos, the pyrotechnics were in full swing!!  Huge loud blasts of thunderous roars and flames shooting up from the stage.  Awesome sight to see and feel!  I actually felt the heat from the blasts and talk about getting the crowd involved, the band certainly got their attention and as they say, "they were off and running"!!  Brent actually stopped and talked to the crowd about shaking hands with your neighbor, that is, the one standing next to you.  To be fair, he shook hands with the front row as well.  They had a setlist full of their smash hits as well as five off their newest album Attention Attention.  The age range at this event was all over the place, young to old, old to young and everyone was singing along.  The power of music, right??!! I hope bands like this continue to stay around and keep us rocking!!


1.  Devil

2.  Diamond Eyes (Boom-lay Boom-Lay Boom)

3.  Enemies

4.  Monsters

5.  Black Soul

6.  I'll Follow You

7.  Unity

8.  45

9.  Bully

10.  Amaryllis

11.  If You Only Knew

12.  How did you Love

13.  Second Chance

14.  Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

15.  Cut the Cord

16.  Get Up

17.  Sound of Madness

18.  Brilliant



Broken Hands-Jamie Darby