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Tanner Keegan - Gotta Have It (Single Review)

Tanner Keegan

Singer/Songwriter and all round badass talented musician, Tanner Keegan, certainly knows how to give the world an sweet Easter treat, with the release of his new single, Gotta Have It, which is the first single from his upcoming EP, A Man Named Joe.

Gotta Have It doesn’t mess about and cracks straight into action. It is gritty, bluesy and dirty rock n roll from its core right down to its fingertips. 

Electric Belt - Never Seen The Devil (Album Review)

Electric Belt

Electric Belt was formed by a union of four friends, who are veterans in the alternative scene in Jaén, Spain. They presented their first songs in 2011, released their first album in 2013 and have been building a strong following, ever since.

The band are now back with their latest effort, Never Seen The Devil, and what a tasty piece of pure pleasure it is. 

Robert Jon & The Wreck - Take Me Higher (Single Review)

Robert Jon & The Wreck Single Review

Robert Jon & The Wreck is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with, from the USA and all the way to mainland Europe and back again. Based out of Orange County, CA, this loveable quintet is dedicated, driven and committed to giving their fans a Rock n Roll show to remember - every single night. In their short existence, the band have smashed out album after album, as well as having played hundreds of shows across the world. 

Reignwolf: Black and Red

Reignwolf single review

Reignwolf originated in 2012 and within two short years they toured the world, performed at almost every major festival across the globe and even shared the stage with legendary acts like, Black Sabbath. There is quite a lot of intrigue and desire surrounding the band, as they have managed to defy the odds and build their great success with having only released 6 singles between 2013 to 2019.